Who is
Fun Master Academy

We are a human & organization capital company that aims to design, nurture, accelerate (DNA) energy of happiness as the strategy to leverage productivity and branding the greatness of people and organizations.

Fun Master Academy has continuously transform productivity and work culture to individuals and organization through an extensive training, consulting and mentoring. We have done a research about how to accelerate success in current era of talent war. We have studied several famous succesful people and multinational companies. These studies has shown a strong corelation between success and the energy of happiness. Our research has also proven a strong relation between the scientific law of conservation of energy with the psychological factors of individuals and organizations on improving productivity.

Our Mission
We inspire people and organization for mastering their greatness (brand) through FUN & Insightful process.

Our Vision
Becoming Asia's reputable Academy that inspire the world with the power of Humanity , Art and Technology.

Our Values
The belief to explore "miraculous" potential God has given us to present to ourselves and others a true masterpiece.
A unique learning technique by synergizing Humanity, Art and Technology to inspire a fun and fulfilling self-development.
Community development based on the spirit of nationalism to become a strategic partner for improving the character quality of nation's generation.
Why PLAYing is Important?
People are happiest when they’re trying to achieve goals that are challenging but not out of reach. It’s like playing a fun game.

"Play is the highest
form of research"
~ Albert Einstein

Why We Exist

At the beginning of Fun Master, we saw a huge potential for Indonesia to achieve greater economy growth. It has an advantage of having the number of working age higher than the number of retiring age. This advantage will peak in the period of 2025 – 2030 and will never come again. So this is a big opportunity for us not to miss because for every 100 productive people, they can only support 44 non-productive people. Our time is now.

Our biggest challenge is to kickstart a generation having an excellent trait feed by proud nationalism energizing themselves and their surroundings. By knowing when to start early and how to play by the right rules on maximizing demographic advantage, without a doubt our days in the nation will transform into a better life. We believe there are 3 strong foundation holding down Indonesia's economy:

  • Young Generation
  • Institution or corporation with their professionals
  • Small and medium enterprise company
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